Software Consulting

We helps partners create the most effective software development strategy to achieve their business goals. We provide personalized consulting services.

Mobile Development

ABSTIC engineers combine rigorous user research, tech excellence, and creativity to create apps that will win you new clients.


Abstic Tecnología

ABSTIC was formed in 2015, with the main reason of developing new technologies that can modernize the regional and national market in different areas. This purpose uses our human resources and their main strength; creativity and constant stimulation of talent, without leaving aside perseverance, responsibility and honesty at every step.

How we do it

How we make ideas come true

Requirement Analysis

Our business analysts gather and validate your project requirements.


We deliver a fully functional prototype and create the UI/UX.


We transform your requirements and expectations into a full-fledged solution.


We run QA at each project stage to deliver fault-free software.

ABSTIC Software solutions

Software Development

Take your business ideas to the next level with ABSTIC's custom software development services. We address your business challenges and needs with our bespoke web and mobile app software development solutions.

ABSTIC Software solutions

QA and Software Testing

ABSTIC's software testing and QA expertise will help you deliver high-quality software across mobile, frontend, and backend applications as well as embedded devices.

ABSTIC Software solutions

Staff Augmentation

ABSTIC IT staff augmentation service helps companies gain lacking team members and tech expertise by taking over recruiting, onboarding, and retention strategies.

ABSTIC Software solutions

Cloud Development

We build and run custom cloud-native applications to accelerate business growth and provide serverless development from architecture to implementation and support.

ABSTIC Software solutions

Software Consulting Services

Capitalize on ABSTIC’s proven IT consulting services to put your ideas to the test: analyze scenarios for balanced decision-making and cost-efficiency.

ABSTIC Software solutions

UX/UI Design

Explore different concepts, validate your ideas, and create products and services that provide outstanding UI/UX design for your solutions with ABSTIC product design consulting.


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Costumers and Partners

Your goals, our mission!

Get Ready


Convert your business ideas into an organized workflow with fully digitalized processes and solid tech solutions.

What are you waiting for to join the experience with the most innovative team!


We analyze your requirements and consult on the roles for which you wish to hire.


Our Mission is to modernize processes from the most basic to the most complex within the regional and national market, under a different methodology.

    Software development consulting and implementation


    We plan to position and develop our innovative products and services at a National and World level.

    We Work with passion


    Our purpose uses our human resources and their main strength; creativity and constant stimulation of talent, without leaving aside perseverance, responsibility and honesty at every step.
    We get socially involved and encourage the contribution to caring for the environment as a main value.

Talent is a Flame, Geniuses a Fire

Innovation is the way!

Our Products



Understanding what your business needs from a platform is the first step toward creating a successful ecommerce presence. As part of this, one of the first things business owners must consider is who their customers are. Different businesses have different use cases and goals for their ecommerce site, and not every ecommerce platform can effectively cater to different types of customers. It’s essential to establish whether you sell directly to the customer (B2C), wholesale to other businesses (B2B), or both.


Health Pack, Digital Medical History System and Telemedicine

This is a product aimed at health institutions and medical professionals in particular, with the aim that they can provide quick and safe care with digital tools such as digital medical history within the legal framework of Law 26,529. Without forgetting payment tools, shift management, telemedicine and more.


E-learning platform

e-Learning platforms are a set of interactive online services that provide tools and resources (content) to trainers, students and other people closely related to education within a company or educational institution.


Solutions for the mining industry

Achieve your business goals through customized software development. Our dedicated team can cover the entire developmental process and help you achieve your needs, whether it’s mining usage management, mining monitoring,


Tech news

Weekly we attach the most important news from our journalist, with everything related to the software and hardware industry. Also, if you want to know more, visit the exclusive news section.

Latest News

El virus que digitalizó al mundo

Es el momento ideal para dar soluciones a compañías, pequeños y medianos negocios, y el consumidor final.La industria tecnológica ha contribuido como ninguna a aliviar el impacto de la pandemia del coronavirus. ¿Qué sigue ahora? Los expertos responden.

Latest News

Las nuevas tecnologías salen a dar batalla contra la pandemia

Inteligencia artificial, machine learning, big data y las supercomputadoras son algunas de las herramientas que están ayudando a los científicos en la crisis. En la foto, Ezequiel Álvarez, del Conicet




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